this audio upload is a nanostudio test (image is not of my project, just a general screenshot so you can get the idea!)

nanostudio is an iOS application (i’m using it on a 4G touch) which essentially rolls an entire studio into an ultra-portable ultra-cheap ($15!) solution. you can load samples on and off easily, and it’s fairly quick learning, especially if you’re familiar with something like FL Studio or any other modern sequencer / timeline editor.

this scribble was made in about 30 minutes while learning the application and using it for the very first time. its audio quality is stellar (the mixdown is a bit bad, i was playing with the compressor racks, sorry!) and it offers incredible additive and subtractive synthesis.

if you produce music and have an iOS device, i can’t recommend this enough. while it is at first a bit clumsy to work on the small iPod touch screen, it’s easy enough to get used to, and i’m sure it would be an absolute joy on the larger iPad.

get it here: - they also have a FREE PC VERSION to try (albeit buggier and obviously not being the best interface example, as it is designed with multitouch in mind) and NanoSync, a great application that syncs your samples, project files, mixdowns, and more.

very fucking impressed.

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    Have you tried the like fl studio pocket or whatever it is for the small screen iOS devices?
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    I have an Android phone, but I’m going to give the studio a try.
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    ok I gave this a try and I have to say that it is fun to play in and pretty easy to pick up on. Personally I’m better...
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    srsly get it. i’m currently experimenting with the pc version it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOL
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