this happens from time to time, usually as one alias’ style oozes out into others, and often for the better! previously, Azrael was remove from the active roster as i no longer feel like producing music of that exact variety, and the sounds and ideas that i would use under said alias have found themselves in better places - namely, the Renard and Kitcaliber names adopted much of the heavy sound.

today, i am retiring Adraen from the active roster list. the sound was very specific for the first Adraen release, and became more and more vague and “could be another alias” as time went on. at this point, the alias’ elements are found most obviously in what Kitcaliber has evolved to become, and tends to rear its head otherwise in any piece with fusion elements between hardcore electronic music and rock.

so never fear, the sound is alive, just elsewhere. i feel the need to remove Adraen from the list of active rosters as an organizational routine, as to reduce what would otherwise be silly stress over classification. :)


  • Aurastys
  • Darius
  • Furries in a Blender
  • Jackal Queenston
  • Kitcaliber
  • Klippa
  • Mayhem
  • NegaRen
  • The Queenstons
  • The Quick Brown Fox
  • Renard
  • Truxton
  • (X) Sound Team


  • D-Mode-D
  • Kitsune^2


  • Adraen (style merged primarily to Kitcaliber)
  • Azrael (style spread across numerous aliases)
  • Jaql (became Klippa over time)
  • Sonitus Vir (style extended to The Queenstons + Darius)
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    While I did like Adraen, never one of my favorites or one I got into. I have to agree and say I always did love his art...
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  6. aywopak said: (OPINION ALERT) I Think Klippa is, by and large, the best designed and most musically interesting character in the line-up. Took a while for me to get into Arcadepunk, but now it’s really satisfying to listen to. Keep it up!
  7. oblivion-trax said: God, please don’t kill Kitsune^2, it wasn’t your fault that he was devoured by ponies
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    adraen but KITSUNE^2 NOT...SHIT’S CRAY AS FUCK
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    aw man ;~;
  13. skillrex said: that was my favorite alias though ;-;
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  15. obonic said: I miss, Kitsune^2 & Sonitus Vir.