a quick video of the previous piece



in-world audiovisual experiment to get some ideas and feelings (the hell are those) out. does lots of cool things in every way in motion. you can lock your in-world camera to a sound-generating object and follow its journey around the skybox as it mingles with other sounds, you can leave your camera stationary and let the shapes and sounds drift by you seemingly aimlessly, you can move around the room and cause a doppler effect to detune the sounds as you run around them, and so on. lots of ways to experience and enjoy it. if you want to see it, let me know (username is dariushalley), as it’s currently in a closed off area.

i’m sorry i haven’t been very active musically, i’m taking a bit of a break to focus on other neat things. like this.

poly-crushed truxton head by niion, semi-corrupted floating 3D model assets from Jet Set Radio Future.