the ERGOSPHERE discs came in today, and they look magnificent! i’ve never done digipaks before, but i’m sure i will again after seeing how these came out. the disc printing is positively brilliant, too.

i’ll be sure to post when i have a date for the first US-only press of these set up.


get DARIUS - ERGOSPHERE from lapfox trax

dropping this a bit early just in case my sleeping schedule (my what?) prevents me from being awake 10 hours from now when this should drop.

easily my most ambitious full album to date and easily trumps Figurehead as far as effort and overall musicality are concerned. i explore a lot of progressive and jazz territory throughout the album, albeit through relatively cheesy synthesized means.

hope you guys like it, and reblogs are always super appreciated. thank you! <3

ERGOSPHERE physical release

this doubles as a first look at the album’s cover art!

i don’t know exactly when it’s dropping, but here is the planned ERGOSPHERE physical thing. disc packaged in digipak, comes with a (obviously fake) DR. RENARD QUEENSTON prescription for ipecac fluid extract (which is lethal to humans, about 14 times stronger than regular ipecac). the prescription also has the album press number on it, out of 200, along with a signature.

i’m going to have this done in two batches of 100 copies each. the first 100 will be sold sometime before the end of september, and will be US-only, since i’m still in the US. once i get back home, i’ll get the other 100 made at some point, and offer them worldwide.

the discs will be packaged in custom-made paper pharmacy prescription bags and i’ll do my absolute best to make this thing look like you just picked it up from the drugstore. more on that as i order what i need to complete the package.

oh right it will also come with a folded poster of some kind. i’ll get that sorted eventually too.

the digital copy of the album is slated to drop tomorrow.