Korg 05R/W Demo (Patch 28: Lead&Pad)

improv demo with MicroKORG as controller.

the Korg 05R/W is a wonderfully cheesy “synth” (read: sample bank) released in 1995. with 340 multisampled sounds, there’s a lot to choose from, and it has a superb selection of onboard effects that can be applied. the reverb and delay are very nice on this box. the distortion, chorus, and flange kind of leave a bit to be desired, but for the prices you can get these (around $100), you can’t really complain.

lots of very lush string and piano banks and whatnot, but the stars of the show are the analogue-sounding leads and pads and the impossibly cheesy percussion sounds which are drenched with over-produced amounts of reverb and compression. really classic stuff.

if you’re into using retro synth sounds in your work (or even just playing with them) the 05R/W is kind of a must have. it’s loaded with inspiring sounds and the sample quality is great, if dated.

a quick improv demo of the Roland EP-20, one of japan’s first fully electronic pianos. excuse my poor playing, i’m not exactly a performer, hahaha! not many recordings of this wonderful piece of kit online, so i figured i’d toss one into the ring.

it has “piano”, which is a filtered 50ish-duty square (filter controlled with the “wah” slider) and a “harpsichord”, which is an unfiltered 75ish-duty square. you can mix them as you see fit. no velocity sensitivity. vibrato does what you think it does. surprisingly full-bodied sound for such a primitive piece of equipment completely missing out on saw, sine, and triangle waveforms.

the only downside is that the ADSR envelopes are set in stone, making it very hard to apply this to a lot of styles of playing. i find it works best with a sustain pedal and plenty of slow arpeggiating patterns and doesn’t really suit too much lead work. sounds great through effect pedals, but overdriving it results in the already-too-long release becoming even longer and renders it pretty much¬†unusable.

super quick scribble for vocal practice, lyrics are bullshitty for the sake of having lyrics

cruise around in a shiny piece of metal
touch screen smart phone status symbol
travel to the future to expand my mind
scratch hard at the itch and what do i find

i find me under layers and layers of shit
but i love this shit